Web-based Project Management for Homebuilders

Build Insight provides online project management and collaborative solutions for the homebuilding industry. We accelerate project team communication throughout the homebuilding process - design, bidding, and construction.
  • Manage changing requirements in real-time.
  • Reduce cycle time - Increase profits.
  • Work the way you do!
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    Design Bidding Construction

  • Share documents.
  • Get everyone involved earlier, when you benefit the most.
  • Red-line drawings.
  • Post Messages.
  • Stay informed with change notices.
  • Compare pricing with one click.
  • Streamline bid package preperation.
  • Confirm bidder has received package.
  • Maintain security and anonymity of bidders.
  • Manage schedules, at the lot and phase level.
  • Assign tasks, use multiple predecessors.
  • Track progress, mitigate delays.
  • Send auto reminders.
  • ...more ...more. ...more